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Decal Hints and Tips

These decals are made using commercial grade vehicle vinyls.  They are designed for outdoor and indoor use.  They are not designed to be removable and cannot be repositioned.  Do not use on freshly painted surfaces. 

These decals are not designed for foodstuffs or dishwashers.  If you have any concerns before using them please drop me an email and I will verify if they are suitable.

Vinyl decals can take up to three days to fully cure so if possible avoid getting the decal wet for the first few days. 


These illustrations show a decal being applied to a mirror but the same approach is suitable for any suitable smooth,glossy surface - that includes, for example, car body work and windows.

Firstly mark out where you want to apply your decal.

Masking tape and a pencil can help ensure your design is properly aligned.





Place your design face down on a flat surface and slowly peel away the backing card. Go slowly, making sure all of the design sticks to the clear tape. If any of the design is still attached to the backing card just apply additional pressure until it has transferred to the sticky tape.




Now turn the design over and place it in it's final position. Now smooth your design down - on a smooth surface the edge of a credit card is ideal for this.  Smooth from the middle of the design outwards ensuring there are no bubbles.

Now remove the transfer tape. This is best done at an angle, pulling it slowly back on itself. Make sure that all of the design is being transferred.


If any small air bubbles are present they will disappear over time. Larger bubbles can be removed by pricking with a small, sharp pin then applying a low heat ( the lowest setting on a hairdryer is good for this).

If your design has various components you can cut the sheet to separate the different parts then apply them wherever you want - just remember to keep the design and transfer tape together.


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